Welcome to Middlebridge

Please see the Pool Rules, Pool Visitor Policy, and pool forms on the Pool page.

The following are E-mail addresses to help you make requests and communicate with the Board and Property Manager

Request@Middlebridge.org - please use this address to request any service or report a problem. Both the Property Manager and all Board members will receive this message, and we will make sure you get a timely response.

Board@Middlebridge.org - please use this address to send a message or ask a question to the Board. All Board members will receive the message. None of our contractors will see it so you can feel free to raise any issue.

Middlebridge@yahoogroups.com - please use this address to send messages to everyone on the listserv.

dieter@klingers.net - please use this address to join the listserv or report any problems using the listserv.

You can also join the listserv by going to https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/middlebridge/info and click + Join Group, but this requires having/creating a Yahoo account. Since listserv is restricted to Middlebridge owners and residents, please be sure to provide your name and address.

Listserv rules:

Below is a summary of common practices for using a listserv compiled from several sources. The guidelines are offered to facilitate communication and to effectively share information with the group. Every participant of the Middlebridge listerv is expected to adhere mindfully to these guidelines.

  • Adhere to the same standards of behavior online that you follow in real life. Be honest, respectful, and polite.
  • If you do not have something positive to say or contribute, do not say it.
  • Do not post rumors or information that you have not personally verified.
  • Be conscious of your choice of language. Sometimes words that might not sound hurtful when said in person (when tone of voice and gesture can help communication) might feel offensive to someone when they are written. Sarcasm and sardonic humor do not translate well into writing.
  • Be forgiving of others people's mistakes. Assume people mean well and that any omissions or offensive comments were inadvertent. If you really feel the need to correct them, do so respectfully and, if it's personal, do so in private.
  • Respect other people's time. Keep your postings short.
  • When responding, Only use "Reply to All" if your response is for everyone on the listserv. Otherwise, use "Reply" if your response is to the person that sent the original message.
  • Do not send messages with personal responses to the group. Think twice before sending a response to a message with the "reply all" command.
  • All messages must be signed by the author either at the beginning or end of the messages.
  • All messages should have a descriptive subject that summarizes clearly the content.
  • Personal attacks, hostile remarks, and foul language will not be tolerated and will result in the loss of the privilege to send messages to the listserv.
  • E-mail addresses must not be shared with people who are not part of Middlebridge.
  • Messages should not be on behalf of a political candidate or campaign. Only general and informative messages are allowed.
  • Messages should not promote sale or distribution of products or services. However, charitable fund raisers and references for work performed are allowed.